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Welcome home...to Designer Stencils®!

We are a family owned and operated business, one that started out small and worked its way up. In 1982, I wanted to stencil my kitchen. That fall, on a trip to New England, I checked out some stencil shops along the way and I was "hooked"! My husband and daughter helped me open a small stencil shop in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. the rest, as they say, is history. We now design, manufacture and distribute over 3000 stencils worldwide. In 2004, we developed a line of food-grade stencils for the baking industry.

My daughter, Carol, manages our websites, custom designs and laser cutting. My husband, Jim, a retired DuPont engineer, keeps the computers and lasers in running order as well as everything else around here! We have a wonderful staff too - see our scrapbook below to help "put a name with a face".

Please email us with your questions and comments. We would love to know how we're doing and what we can do to serve you better!

Thanks for visiting us.

Helen Walker

Kerry Vincent

The kids LOVE their friend Kerry Vincent (you may have seen her as one of the regular judges on Food Network's Cake Challenges). Her cakes are exquisite - she is a true Stencil Queen!
ICES 2009
It's all in the family! Here we are at the annual ICES convention. Carol and I take the grandkids to help run the booth. Patrick loves to demonstrate and the Emily and Caroline are pros at running the cash register.

Designer Stencils Team

The Designer Stencils' Family

Barbara - Mail Order

The Designer Stencils' Family

Karen R. - Mail Order

The Designer Stencils' Family

Carmen - Packaging

The Designer Stencils' Family

Shila - Artist

The Designer Stencils' Family

Tom - Packaging/Designer

The Designer Stencils' Family

Sally - Packaging