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Custom Home Décor & Culinary Stencils

Designer Stencils® is pleased to offer custom home décor and culinary stencil services to our clients. We have worked with hundreds of "special requests":

* alter the size of a design, either make it smaller or larger 

* select a portion of a design that you would like, either as is or in a different size 

* have us to "start from scratch" and design something for a particular room, interest or to "match" a fabric sample.  

We are happy to assist with these needs. First, you need to send us your custom home décor or culinary stencil idea or image. The best (and least expensive) type of image is one that is in VECTOR format. Usually this is in the form of a PDF, EPS or AI file. This does not apply to image files that are placed in these programs and then saved in that format. The digital file must consist of vector points. We also accept JPEG files, faxes, drawings and photos.

Design your own custom stencil, or ask us to do it for youIf it is a design created by us for your need, the price will depend on the complexity of design, the size of design, and "what we have to 'go on', as in photo/sample/direction from our customer. Just email us and tell us what you are thinking (design and finished size)


Many customers ask us "how much does it cost?"

Generally, for Culinary Stencils:
Cookie (sizes 2-4"): Design Fee: $25-50, Cutting Fee: $10 first copy/$5 each additional copy
Cake Sides/Tops: Design Fee: $75-150, Cutting Fee: $15-40
Monograms: $25 each (2-4")

Home Decor Stencils:
Home décor stencils range form $75-250+ (generally). Cutting Fees are based on the size, plastic choice and complexity of the design.

Feel free to get in touch with us. Shoot us an email, or call us at 800-822-7836, and we’ll help you get started on your custom culinary or home décor stencil.