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stencil supplies

We suggest a stencil brush for each color used.

- Large (1 1/4”, 1”, 3/4”) brush for large openings
- Medium (5/8”, 1/2”) for medium openings (flowers or narrow vines)
- Small (3/8”, 1/4”) for tiny openings or when one color is close to another

Paint: You may use waterbased paint in 2 oz. bottles. One bottle per color will be enough for a normal sized room. Two bottles will be necessary if one color is predominant.

Miscellaneous: Low tack masking tape, spray adhesive (helps hold large stencils) paper or styrofoam plates, paper towels, a level for placing stencils in a mural or when you need a straight line, a permanent pen for additional register marks.

Position the stencil with part #1 of the stencil in the left corner of your wall. Use masking tape or spray adhesive to hold the stencil to the surface. Pour out a small amount of paint (size of a quarter) on your plate. Dip your brush into the paint you want to use first.


Dipping Brush


Dab the brush on a paper towel to remove excess paint. Swirl the brush in a circular motion, working the paint into the bristles. Less paint is better - you can always apply more. If you dab the brush on the back of your hand and no paint rubs off - you are ready to proceed. Apply the paint to the stencil openings in either a circular (swirling) or a tapping (pouncing) motion. Move from the outside to the middle of the opening.


Lining up layers
Lifting Stencil


Line up additional overlays using the black drawn register marks. The markings will lay overtop a previously stenciled section of the design ensuring proper alignment of the design. Continue stenciling with additional colors. When done, remove the overlay to see the full effect. The design should have clean, crisp edges. Too much paint will appear blotchy and bleed underneath the stencil. If this happens, make sure to wipe the stencil dry before continuing.

Repeat the design by lining up the left hand register mark on part #1 with the right section of the design on the wall. When you come to a corner, try to end with the whole of the design (i.e. fudge a little to finish your design so that half of a leaf, apple, house, etc. will be divided on each wall.