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Use Farmhouse paint for your next stencling project! When a single 2 ounce bottle of acrylic paint won't do it - try the 8 ounce size of Farmhouse Paint. If you are using a foam roller or painting furniture, then the quart size should be enough for you to complete your project.

We love it because there is "no prep" except to properly clean your furniture. No messy sanding! It is so durable that you do not need a top coat or wax to finish it off - just let it cure for 14 days. You can lightly sand to distress and get a soft, buffed finish or just leave as is for a poilished look.

We restock every month so place your order and if it is not in stock we will contact you and add it to our next order.

Farmhouse Paint is the “New generation” of high performance Cabinet and Furniture Paint, using the latest advances in paint technologies. Farmhouse Paint is extremely durable on its own, without needing the laborious prep, time or expense of a wax or sealer. Farmhouse Paint is the “Original NO Wax, NO Topcoat” Cabinet and Furniture Paint.Painting Cabinets and Furniture using Farmhouse Paint is easy and can produce a “Factory Finish” with professional results. Farmhouse Paint will modernize and update any furnishings or cabinet projects and will make your job of painting easy, affordable with long lasting results.

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