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To order by phone: 800-822-7836 Monday-Friday 9-5 (ET)

Customers outside the U.S. or its territories: 302-475-7300

To send a fax anytime:

Email: info@designerstencils.com
Toll Free:800-822-7836

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering & Payment Questions

1. How do I log in and submit payment for an invoice?
In order to keep your payment information secure, we DO NOT retain credit card numbers. Therefore, if you have a balance due for additional items or shipping charges, you will need to log in to your account to remit payment.

On our home page, click:
Enter the Email and Password associated with your account and click SIGN IN
Click VIEW ORDER for the most recent order
Click PAY NOW under Balance Due in the right hand column
Submit credit card information, etc.

2. My credit card charges me fees for each transaction. How can I pay one time for my products and shipping charges?
Put all the items you would like into your shopping cart. Make sure you have created an account with your email and that you have included your shipping address. Email us and ask us to close out your order. We will then email you with the costs for your shipping optioins. Once you have selected a shipping method, we will ask you to log  in and submit payment for your order. (See above question)

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Shipping Questions

1. How long will it take to ship my order?
Most orders, including size changes but not custom orders, are filled within 1-3 business days. Our preferred method of shipment is via Postal Priority Mail and these shipments are sent out Monday-Friday. Shipping in the continental U.S. is generally 2-3 days, but not guaranteed. For heavier or specified shipments, we use UPS which picks up daily Monday-Friday.

2. Where do you ship?
We ship stencils to most countries in the world. After you place an order from a country outside of the USA, we will advise you of the shipping options and related charges and ask for your approval before a charge to your credit card or a paypal request is made for the shipping charges. Please note that this does not include any Customs Charges that may be incurred when you receive the delivery.

3. What are your shipping charges?
For regular shipping within the United States we ship via USPS Priority Mail for $6.95. You have the option to upgrade to UPS Ground Shipping for $12. Usually USPS Priority Mail arrives in 2-3 business days - BUT IT IS NOT GUARANTEED. If you need to make sure you receive your package within a certain timeframe, opt for UPS which generally will arrive in 1-5 business days. You may also call us at 800-822-7836 and ask for expedited shipping. We are NOT responsible if the shipping carrier does not get your shipment to you on time.

For International Shipping : We will email you with the option of three shipping methods. Please note that this does not include any Customs Charges that may be incurred when you receive the delivery. Rates are based on weight, size and where they are going, but here are averages:

FIRST CLASS INTERNATIONAL: $6 - $20 (Average is $12, but this may take up to a month to some locations)

PRIORITY INTERNATIONAL: $18 - $40 (Average is $29, this may take up to two weeks)

EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL: : $39 - $50 (average = $43, this takes 5-10 business days)
(These rates are for average size orders). Heavy shipments can be considerably more)

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Custom Stencil Questions

1. What type of image do I need to supply for a custom stencil?
The best (and least expensive) type of image is one that is in VECTOR format. Usually this is in the form of a PDF, EPS or AI file. This does not apply to image files that are placed in these programs and then saved in that format. The digital file must consist of vector points. We also accept JPEG files, faxes, drawings and photos. For these types of images, we most likely will have to redraw the artwork which will increase the cost of the stencil.

2. What does a custom stencil cost?
The price of a custom stencil can vary depending on the type of image supplied, the amount of "hands on" drawing we have to do, size and intricacy, and plastic type. For a cookie size stencil, design fees generally run $25-50 and cutting fees are $10 for the first copy and $5 each for extra copies. Cake side/top stencils can vary from $50-$150+ for design and $10-40+ for cutting. Wall stencils also depend on the number of overlays, so their price can be $50-250+.

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General Wall Stenciling Questions

1. What type of plastic should I choose for my project?
We have two types of plastic: 5 mil and 10 mil. Generally we suggest the frosted, 5 mil for basic stencling projects such as painting a border around a room or creating a mural. The thinness of the plastic allows it to lay flat against your surface (especially if using spray adhesive on the back of the stencil - it makes it sticky like post-it note paper without messing up your wall).

The thicker 10 mil plastic we recommend for larger projects where you will be repeating the pattern over and over. If you need to wash the stencil, then this is easier to work with. Also the 10 mil is perfect for textural applications such as spackling compound and spray paint.

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General Baking Stenciling Questions

1. Why do I need food-grade plastic?
Working with edible products, such as cakes, cookies and breads, you MUST be able to assure your customer that ALL tools that have come into contact with your food product are guaranteed FOOD-GRADE. We go to great lengths (and expense) to make sure that we use ONLY certified food-grade plastic for our culinary stencils. People wonder why our stencils are more expensive - this is why.

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