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Fleur de Lis Furniture Stencil Set

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SKU: SDS-FS001-M010
UPC: 787484028187
This stencil set has all the pieces you need to refinish that old flea market find! Our furniture stencil sets include a corner piece which you can repeat to extend from corner to corner. There is an overall pattern for filling in large areas as well as a variety of spot stencils for decorating drawers, adding around drawer pulls and as a feature image. Great for stenciling on pillows, pillowcases and many of your craft projects too.Stencil plastic is 7.5"H x 23.5"W. Overall pattern of four repeats measures 6.9"H x 7.6"W; Long horizontal icon is 2H x 8.75"W; Corner piece is 1.4" wide (one side); Icon with open center is 3.25"H x 5"W; Large Icon is 4"H x 5"W.

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