Smart Tips for Using Cake Stencils on Whipped Cream

Smart Tips for Using Cake Stencils on Whipped Cream

Here are some smart tips for using cake stencils on whipped cream.

Smart Tips for Using Cake Stencils on Whipped Cream

Cake stenciling has been experiencing a real BOOM lately. Who among you wouldn’t agree that details can completely elevate a cake design? There is probably no one who is against it. To be honest, for us aesthetics is half the experience of enjoying a treat, and the other half is in the taste itself.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to stenciling, techniques include using royal icing, dust brushing as well as airbrushing. However, today we will say a few sentences about a topic that we haven't really discussed so far. Therefore, keep reading this article to learn some smart tips for using cake stencils on whipped cream.

Tricks for the Tastiest Whipped Cream Ever

Unfortunately, growing up, most of us only knew about store-bought whipped cream because making it at home wasn’t very trendy. When we first realized that it is made from 3 kitchen staples (heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract), we were disappointed, to say the least.

One of the best tricks we can tell you is that the colder the cream, the easier and faster it will whip. In addition, powdered sugar can help you a lot because it ensures that the mixture doesn’t wilt. Finally, the perfect ratio of heavy whipping cream to powdered sugar that guarantees success is 2:1.

Did you know that it is possible to make homemade, vegan whipped cream that is also perfectly thick and creamy? Trust us, it is really possible to enjoy the flavors without any hidden animal-based ingredients or cruelty. If you are in the mood for small experiments in the kitchen, we heartily recommend you to look at this article. It really changed our view of confectionery.


Smart Tips for Using Cake Stencils on Whipped Cream

Tip No. 1: Don't Start Without a Plan

The easiest way is to take the whipped cream and apply it to the stencil, but are you sure that things will turn out exactly as you imagined? You can't go wrong if you spend some time planning the design, it's the most essential part of the whole process. Feel free to sketch your ideas several times, because that way you will know for sure whether you like it or not.

Tip No. 2: Small Steps Are Much Better Than Big Ones

When we talk about smart tips for using cake stencils on whipped cream, there is nothing better than this one. Don't be too ambitious on this part, instead of going straight away with some super complicated 5-layer ombre pattern, go with some simpler designs to start with.

Tip No. 3: Don't Panic If Things Go Wrong

The most important thing is not to rush, rather be careful and patient. Don’t panic if it seems to you that some sections of the stencil aren’t filled with whipped cream, you can always add more. This applies if you think you have added too much.

Finally, a few more short, yet smart tips for using cake stencils on whipped cream that don’t require any additional explanations.

  • Never freeze the cake; it is perfectly suitable when cooled.
  • Always avoid creating condensation on the cake.
  • Don’t delay the process, so that the cake and whipped cream reach room temperature.

If you're planning to impress your loved ones this Christmas season, then check out the 'Day 5' YouTube video from our '30 Days of Stencils' program we've created for you:

Final Thoughts

Don't be sorry if your first cake doesn't turn out exactly as you imagined. Remember that behind every perfect Instagram picture are hundreds of hours of experience and hard work, many completed courses, and accuracy. However, with a little bit of effort, you too can achieve impressive results.

That's it, these were some of the smart tips for using cake stencils on whipped cream. Will you be using any of them? Let us know more in the section below.

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