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At Designer Stencils & Oak Lane Studio, we believe your home can and should be beautiful, no matter what your budget is. More importantly, your home should reflect you and your own unique home decor style. With a stencil template you can hand paint a home that reflects you and has the personal touch of a handmade treasure. Join us in creating a space that speaks to your individuality and passion for decorating. Let your creativity run wild with our stencil templates and make your home a true reflection of your personality.

In our How To Stencil video tutorials gallery, you can learn how to hand paint your entire home, from ceiling to floor and everything in between. You don’t need to be an artist to hand paint your home decor, just a stencil template, some paint and a little creativity.

In our DIY stenciling tutorials, we will share with you our professional DIY stenciling tips for how to stencil on walls, floors, furniture, fabric and more. We will also show you how to avoid common stenciling mistakes, such as paint bleed, and how to create different aesthetic effects, like weathering.

Home decor stencils are the ultimate DIY home decorating tool. Our professional-quality stencils are easy to use, budget-friendly and reusable, so you can stencil and re-stencil your entire home as many times as you want. Stencil templates make DIY home improvement hacks easy, stylish and affordable. And of course, loads of fun!

With a home decor stencil template you can hand paint your home in any style and color you like, and our How to Stencil video tutorials can teach you how. Whether you are decorating your new house, or making over old rooms and furniture, stencil templates help you hand paint beautiful designs all over your home.

Tired of a plain Ikea lampshade, see our how to stencil a lampshade video. Want to improve a drab, concrete floor or laundry room, watch our how to stencil a concrete floor tutorial. Decorating a baby’s room, see our how to stencil a wall tutorial. Need to upcycle old furniture, watch our how to stencil on furniture videos. Fell in love with a farmhouse decor sign on pinterest, learn how to stencil your own farmhouse sign with our how to stencil a porch sign video.

At Oak Lane Studio, we offer a beautiful selection of DIY home decor stencil templates and DIY stenciling supplies. You can shop small, home decor accent stencils for pillow stenciling, sign stencil templates, repeating pattern wall and floor stencil templates, or long format border stencil templates to paint around a room or furniture. Or shop by your favorite home decor style, whether you prefer a rustic, farmhouse stencil template, or an elegant victorian damask stencil template, a classic, vintage-style stencil template, a whimsical stencil template, a leafy and floral stencil template, a boho, moroccan stencil template or a modern and geometric stencil template.

For detailed written instructions on how to stencil on furniture, fabric, walls, and more, visit our Stenciling Blog or our DIY Stenciling Projects gallery. For creative, home decor inspiration or DIY home improvement project ideas, visit our stenciling projects photo gallery or follow us on Pinterest.

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