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Basic Wall Stenciling in 4 Easy Steps
Position and level the stencil in desired location. Use tape on the edges or spray adhesive on the back to keep the stencil in place.
Dab brush on a paper towel to remove excess paint. The less paint the better, you can always apply more.
Apply the paint to the stencil openings in either a circular (swirling) or tapping (pouncing) motion.
Remove the stencil and repeat steps if necessary. Enjoy your work of art!

Basic Culinary Stenciling in 4 Easy Steps
Position the food-grade stencil on a non-sticky surface (fondant, royal icing, etc.).
Trowel thicker royal icing (to prevent messy edges) and evenly spread the icing over the stencil with a scraper.  
Brush  with powders/food color or sprinkle with fine sugars/spices.
Remove the stencil gently and enjoy your edible design! *Pictured- Gather (edible powder), Grateful (cinnamon), Blessed (royal icing)

Join Carol Bova, previous owner at Designer Stencils, as she navigates the differences between our 7 mil and 10 mil stencils. By the end of this video, you will have a better understanding of the two plastic options, as well as which thickness you would want to purchase for your next project.

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