Modern Numeral Clock Stencil

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Challenge your DIY skills and ignite your imagination with our Modern Numeral Clock Stencil. Transform any surface into a creative DIY project with our Modern Numeral Clock Stencil! Unleash your inner artist and take on the challenge of designing a unique and eye-catching clock. Let your imagination run wild as you create a striking piece that's sure to impress. Get ready to push your DIY skills to the limit!

Available in sizes ranging from 12 to 40 inches. Laser-cut from 7 or 10 mil plastic, this versatile and reusable stencil is ideal for all your painting projects. The 7 mil option is suitable for most uses, but for a raised effect, opt for the 10 mil version when working with texture products. Don't hesitate; create your own unique clock today!

Stencil Sizes:

12 inches - Outer dimension is 12 inches, Inner circle is 6.6 inches, Numerals are 2 inches
18 inches - Outer dimension is 18 inches, Inner circle is 9.9 inches, Numerals are 3 inches
22 inches - Outer dimension is 22 inches, Inner circle is 12.2 inches, Numerals are 3.7 inches
30 inches - Outer dimension is 30 inches, Inner circle is 16.6 inches, Numerals are 5 inches
36 inches - Outer dimension is 36 inches, Inner circle is 19.9 inches, Numerals are 6 inches
40 inches - Outer dimension is 40 inches, Inner circle is 22 inches, Numerals are 6.7 inches

Custom Size Stencils

If your project would be even easier with a Custom size, please contact us. We’ll do everything we can to help you with your project!

Professional Quality Stencils

  • Laser cut for precise, crisp design details.
  • Reusable & Durable.
  • Made of plastic Mylar.
  • Easy to clean (see How to Clean Stencils).
  • Made in the USA

Stenciling Tools

Make your project even easier with the proper Stenciling Tools:

How To Stencil

You do not have to be a professional artist to stencil! Simply follow our How To Stencil steps or How to Stencil Video Tutorials.