Winterthur Clock Stencil 12 - 46 inch

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Tick tock, tick tock! Create a unique and trendy clock with our Winterthur Clock Stencil. Ranging from 12 to 46 inches, this wall stencil lets you customize your own clockface. Keep time stylishly! Make your own one-of-a-kind clock using our 12-46 Inch Winterthur Clock Stencil! Easily create a clock face on any surface with this precision-cut, reusable stencil made from 7 or 10 mil plastic. It's 100% reusable and perfect for most paint applications, but if you want a raised look or stiffer plastic, upgrade to the 10 mil option. This premium clock stencils brings an elegant touch to any room. Plus, it's easy to clean, ensuring a stunning display for years to come. Elevate your space with this exclusive piece.

Stencil Sizes:

12 inches - Outer dimension is 12 inches, Inner circle is 6.5 inches
18 inches - Outer dimension is 18 inches, Inner circle is 9.75 inches
22 inches - Outer dimension is 22 inches, Inner circle is 12 inches
26 inches - Outer dimension is 26 inches, Inner circle is 14.25 inches
30 inches - Outer dimension is 30 inches, Inner circle is 16.5 inches
36 inches - Outer dimension is 36 inches, Inner circle is 20 inches
46 inches - Outer dimension is 46 inches, Inner circle is 25.25 inches

Custom Size Stencils

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Professional Quality Stencils

  • Laser cut for precise, for crisp design details.
  • Reusable & Durable.
  • Made of plastic Mylar.
  • Easy to clean (see How to Clean Stencils).
  • Made in the USA

Stenciling Tools

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How To Stencil

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