12 to 36 Inch Square Roman Numeral Clockface Wall Stencil

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Create your own clock with our 12 to 36 Inch Square Roman Numeral Clockface Wall Stencil.

Sizes are:
12 inches - Width is 12 inches, Height is 12 inches, Numerals are 1.8 inches
18 inches - Width is 18 inches, Height is 18 inches, Numerals are 2.7 inches
24 inches - Width is 24 inches, Height is 24 inches, Numerals are 3.6 inches
36 inches - Width is 36 inches, Height is 36 inches, Numerals are 5.4 inches

This product is precision-cut by laser from 7 or 10 mil plastic and is reusable, ideal for most paint applications. It is 100% reusable. The 7 mil plastic is perfect for almost any paint application, however we recommend that you upgrade to the thicker 10 mil plastic if you are using texture products for a raised look, or if you want a stiffer plastic.

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