Classic Monogram Cake Stencil Set

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SKU: SDS-C890-M010
UPC: 787484025162

Easily decorate cakes and cookies using 1 and 2 inch classic monogram lettering and alphabet stencils. Create monograms, lettering and sayings using food grade stencils.

You get the template shown above with cut out "tabs" along the top and bottom of the opening. Included are 2 sets of uppercase stencil letters, 1 inch and 2 inches. You just use scissors to cut off the letter you need and then insert the plastic into the tabs. The stencil letter is held into place so you can even work on a vertical surface, like the side of a cake. You can overlap the side edges of the letters, as shown above, to shrink the spacing and avoid getting color on your project. Stencil is made out of durable, 10 mil, food-grade plastic for high-quality, professional, repeat use.

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