Lace Ball Ornament Cookie Cutter and Stencil Set

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NOTE: We have updated this stencil set from the one shown in our catalog.

Make decorating cookies a piece of cake with our Lace Ball Ornament Cookie Stencil and Cutter Set! Simply place the stencil on top of your cookie and use the cutter to create a perfectly shaped design. It's the perfect addition to any baking tool collection. (Warning: may cause an increase in baking skills!)



  • All Designs: 2 1/8" h x 2 1/4" w
  • Sheet Size(s): 4 1/8" h x 3 1/2" w


  • 2 1/2" h round cookie cutter (0.875 inch deep)

Stencil Highlights & Care:

  • Stencils are Laser cut on 10 mil food-grade Mylar
  • Stencils work well with both royal icing and airbrushing
  • Stencils and Cookie Cutters are Made in the USA
  • DO NOT HEAT THE STENCILS!  - to clean, gently clean under warm soapy water and allow to airdry. You can even clean them between two damp paper towels.
  • Storage: Store stencils in our Keep Safe Album to prevent damage.

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